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GAGA Harry Potter and Tayga 💗
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    How to greet your straight friends

    I came out to have a good time but i’m honestly feel so attected by lesbians now.

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  • "everyone you idolize wakes up scared to be themselves sometimes."
    pete wentz (dec. 2005)

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    Taylor smiles at Gaga with his most charming smile ever. He grabs hold of her hands and looks her in the eyes.

    “I love you Stef.”

    He speaks softly. Gaga giggles and shakes her head.

    “I love you too Tay. But I’m going!”

    She responds. Taylor whines and stomps his foot.


    He whines…


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  • gagaxtaylorkinney:

    To be honest, YOU said YOU have the right to read whatever that was on your dashboard, then why didn’t I have the right to write whatever I want

    Thats the point. You are taking her or him too serious. They are trying to kill your writing talent I know you dont wanna spread hate but most love that fanfic, you should keep writing…

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    okay but why has no one noticed this

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  • That asia blouse 😂💗✌

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  • @ladygaga: Tony Bennett & I are the stars of the @HM holiday campaign!  #CheekToCheek #HMTonyGaga

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  • taylorkinneyanswers:

    daddy being a good daddy.

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